Burn 50

frisbeeIt is summertime and without even putting much thought into it we typically are more active. Daylight is longer, kids have extra energy to burn and if the sun isn’t smoldering hot it can be pretty inviting. Burning 50 calories can be quick and easy. 50 calories may not sound like much but think about it this way… burning 50 calories is half can of soda, that mini candy bar you ate for a pick me up OR the bun you chose to leave on your hamburger. Below, are a few QUICK and EASY ways to burn 50 calories.

Play Ultimate Frisbee
A quick six-minute game with friends will improve your hand-eye coordination and help you burn 57 calories.

Mow the Lawn
Eight minutes of mowing can help you burn 52 calories.

Get in the Garden
Spend 12 minutes in the dirt and you’ll burn 54 calories.

Jump Rope
Five minutes of jumping can burn 59 calories.

Play Mini Golf
Putting on a miniature course for 15 minutes could burn 54 calories. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition?

Grab the Fishing Rods
In 15 minutes of watching your line you could burn 51 calories.

This week trade those 15 minutes of Netflix for one of the activities above and BURN 50 calories!

Content provided by Heather Arthur, Harbin Clinic Adairsville. Photo by Josh Rocklage on Unsplash.com.

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