Harbin Clinic is committed to investing in the health and wellness of the Harbin team through HarbinSTRONG, a comprehensive employee wellness program. We want to help our employees reach and exceed their personal health and wellness goals by supporting them on their journey to better health and vitality.

We believe that together we can become healthy for ourselves, our families and our patients – and begin to set ourselves apart as the HEALTHcare leader in NW Georgia. HarbinSTRONG provides the tools and knowledge for employees and their families to make strides in reducing health and injury risks, improving consumer choices, and enhancing energy and well-being.

Through the HarbinSTRONG program, we become a stronger, more dynamic team of care providers. We become healthy role models for positive and productive changes that improve our quality of life and increase longevity. Emphasizing wellness allows us to function more energetically. We work better because we are present in body and mind.

HarbinSTRONG provides employee annually with biometrics and labs, an online personal health assessment and a well check with a primary care physician. The Health Management program supports employees who have a diagnosis of hyperlipedemia, hypertension or diabetes. Medical pathways are provided to give employees the education and resources they need to manage their chronic conditions and to work towards an improved state of health.

HarbinSTRONG offers numerous programs to help employees on their health journey:

-Online Wellness portal
-Device integration for steps tracking
-5K training programs
-Monthly newsletters on topics such as financial health, preventive health, sleep health and   environmental awareness.
-Quarterly webinars, workshops and wellbeing videos. 

“A healthy Harbin Clinic employee can serve as a role model to our patients and the communities we serve.” – Amar Singh, M.D., Medical Director for Employee Wellness and Health Management

For information about HarbinSTRONG, please contact Tina Waggoner, Wellness Program Manager, at (762) 235-1029 or tina.waggoner@harbinclinic.com

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