Weight Loss Myths for Men

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Know how you sometimes snatch dropped food off the floor and joke that it’s still good because of the “five-second rule?” Hate to break it to you, but that’s just one of the many old roommates’ tales out there, according to American Dietetic Association spokesperson Melinda Johnson, MS, RDN. It really takes less than a second to contaminate food with whatever it touches on the ground — yes, even if you blow off the dirt.

In the interest of your health and shirt size, we asked nutrition experts around the country to help debunk some other myths and morsels of misinformation that are often ingested to the detriment of weight-loss efforts.

6 Weight Loss Myths for Men

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Farm Stand Today at 1825

Quiet Acres Sustainable Farm will be at 1825 today with zucchini, yellow squash, salad mix and basil for sale!

Farm Stand 2018

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Walk With a Doc

Of all the industrialized nations on earth, Americans walk the least.

But you can help change that by coming out to stretch your legs, make new friends and enjoy Rome’s scenic trails at Harbin Clinic’s next Walk with a Doc.

On June 16th at 9 a.m., Harbin Clinic chiropractor Dr. Chris Nelson will give a brief health talk at Bridgepoint Plazafollowed by a two-mile walk along the Kingfisher Trail. People of all ages and fitness levels will enjoy this chance to exercise and socialize.

“I’m very excited to lead June’s Walk with a Doc,” says Dr. Nelson. “I love that the walks foster not only fitness but also community engagement.”

Employee participants earn 10 HarbinSTRONG points.


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Ortho Cartersville Accepts Challenge

Cville Ortho Challenge

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Farm Stand at 1825

Stop by the Farm Stand today at 1825 to see Brandon from Quiet Acres
and pick up basil, zucchini and salad mix.

Farm Stand 2018

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Summer Water Safety

Live well april

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Sit All Day or Text a Lot? These Yoga Poses Can Help

Sit All Day or Text a Lot? These Yoga Poses Can Help


Proper posture is an important element of daily health that often is overlooked. Since many of us spend time sitting at a desk, driving, or even looking at our phones throughout the day, it’s important to reverse the prolonged forward postures that we constantly hold.  These yoga poses help to address mobility of the mid-back region, as well as develop strength in the abdominals and upper back muscles, which are essential for maintaining proper posture.

Try these poses, holding each for two to three breaths. On the one-sided poses, be sure to repeat on the other side!

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