Farm Stand Today – 4 pm – 6 pm

Stop by to see Brandon and add some fresh vegetables to your dinner table tonight. Brandon will have bell peppers, cucumbers, sweet Italian peppers, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, eggplant and okra. YUM!

Farm Stand social media

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Burn 50

frisbeeIt is summertime and without even putting much thought into it we typically are more active. Daylight is longer, kids have extra energy to burn and if the sun isn’t smoldering hot it can be pretty inviting. Burning 50 calories can be quick and easy. 50 calories may not sound like much but think about it this way… burning 50 calories is half can of soda, that mini candy bar you ate for a pick me up OR the bun you chose to leave on your hamburger. Below, are a few QUICK and EASY ways to burn 50 calories.

Play Ultimate Frisbee
A quick six-minute game with friends will improve your hand-eye coordination and help you burn 57 calories.

Mow the Lawn
Eight minutes of mowing can help you burn 52 calories.

Get in the Garden
Spend 12 minutes in the dirt and you’ll burn 54 calories.

Jump Rope
Five minutes of jumping can burn 59 calories.

Play Mini Golf
Putting on a miniature course for 15 minutes could burn 54 calories. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition?

Grab the Fishing Rods
In 15 minutes of watching your line you could burn 51 calories.

This week trade those 15 minutes of Netflix for one of the activities above and BURN 50 calories!

Content provided by Heather Arthur, Harbin Clinic Adairsville. Photo by Josh Rocklage on

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Reminder: Hike 2 Health tomorrow

hike to health

Hike 2 Health

Saturday, July 6th 
9 a.m.
Bridgepointe Plaza, Downtown Rome
Weather concerns?  Contact Brian Price at (706) 238-2225.
Family and friends as well as dogs on a leash are welcome!
Employees earn 10 HarbinSTRONG points.
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What does “healthy” mean?

This is the first post in a brief series exploring “what does healthy mean”. It is a complex issue and is often simplified by our physical appearance.

Body, Mind, And Soul: What It Truly Means To Be Healthy

Ask anyone what the definition of ‘healthy’ is, and I bet you will get a different answer every single time. It is one of those topics which is nebulous and difficult to pin down. Moreover, as we do more in-depth research about health, the more questions it throws back at us.

Click here to read more.

Posts in this series will appear on Wednesdays.

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Farm Stand 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Stock up on fresh locally grown vegetables for 4th of July holiday!  This week Brandon has cherry tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash and basil.

Farm Stand social media

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Does Sunscreen Ever Expire?


The sun is shining and the waves are calling. You reach in the back of the cabinet for your old faithful sunscreen bottle. Seeing the torn and faded label, you wonder how long you’ve had it. A few summers? Maybe a couple of years now? It can’t go bad … can it?

Yes, sunscreen can expire sooner than we think. Learn more and protect your skin!

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Hike 2 Health

H2H June 29

A STRONG group of employees and family members participated in Hike 2 Health this morning.
Join us for Hike 2 Health in July:
Saturday, July 6th – Bridgepointe Plaza
Saturday, July 13th – Berry College campus (meet behind Hermann Hall)
Hike 2 Health will increase to 10 points for Q3!
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