Resources for Staying STRONG

New resources for staying STRONG during COVID-19 have been added to the HarbinSTRONG portal. Check out the following:

-“Stay STRONG – COVID-19” tab with resources related to mental well-being, eating well, financial wellness and FREE at home fitness ideas.

-NEW “Thriving During COVID-19” Workshop

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Spreading Kindness Campaign

As we wade through these unprecedented times together, it is important to slow down and show appreciation to those around us with acts of kindness. HarbinSTRONG encourages you to take time to spread kindness and look for specific ways to do small things with great love for those around you. Call a friend who might be isolated, pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor, provide lunch for at risk kids – opportunities for kindness abound.

Log into the HarbinSTRONG portal for details.

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Active Coping Calendar

This Active Coping Calendar has daily actions for April to help us look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together. More resource at
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Our Words Impact Our Mental Well-Being


How Changing the Way We Talk About COVID-19 Can Improve Our Mental Well-Being

Some simple reframing can reduce our stress and actually change our brains.

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Q2 starts today!

2nd quarter of the 2020 HarbinSTRONG campaign starts today!

Log into the HarbinSTRONG portal for Q2 point opportunities.
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The Hollis Co. is offering a #Next90Challenge. Consider joining them to commit to 14-weeks of living intentionally and with joy despite what’s happening in the world outside of our control.

Check out their website at and click on “Next 90 Days” for details and to sign up. I have participated in their Last 90 Day Challenge the past few years and love it!

Please note – this is not a HarbinSTRONG sponsored challenge.

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Housecleaning Tips

Cleaning up the coronavirus in your home

Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean in the Time of COVID-19

What we do (and don’t) know about how coronavirus spreads

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Manage Your Coronavirus Stress

5 Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus Stress
During this time of upheaval, all of us should take extra time and care for ourselves
to improve our well-being.
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Vanguard Webinar: Volatile Markets

Volatile Markets: Principles of Investing Success

In response to the recent market volatility, Vanguard will be hosting a special webinar to help guide you through these uncertain times. Market volatility can be stressful for anyone—even when saving for a long-term goal like retirement. But understanding Vanguard’s investment philosophy can help you ride out the ups and downs of the market and reach your financial goals.

This webinar will teach you how to:

-Set clear investment goals.

-Create a broadly diversified mix of investments.

-Keep costs low.

-Invest for the long term.


Thursday, March 26th, Tuesday, March 31st and Thursday, April 2nd

12 noon and 4p.m.

Reserve your spot today

To register, visit

Earn 10 HarbinSTRONG points in Q2 for participating in the full webinar. Points will be awarded once a list of participants who completed the webinar is provided by Vanguard.

Get the latest on changing markets and coronavirus impact from Vanguard.

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Getting Adequate Sleep to Stay Healthy

By Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock
Why Getting More Sleep During the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Essential
Adequate rest helps your body fight off viruses. Here’s how to get more of it.

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