Hike 2 Health Tomorrow at Berry

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7 Easy Party Dips for Super Bowl Sunday

Dips are always a hit (especially on Super Bowl Sunday), whether creamy, chunky, cheesy or sweet.

Here are seven distinctly different dip recipes. But they’re all delicious and healthy. Serve them with crackers, veggies, pretzel or pita chips.


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Look Who's Playing Tennis

This STRONG group of Harbinites started Play Tennis Rome on Monday night. They had a blast!
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Vision 2020 – Step 1 deadline approaching!

We always see clearer when we have a vision of where we are going. Vision 2020 is a three step program that will walk participants through the process of setting goals and developing a road map to reach one specific goal.

Step 1 deadline is Friday, January 31st! All details are available on the HarbinSTRONG portal.

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Have you signed up for 5K training?

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Hike 2 Health returns February 1st

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5 Foods That Help Your Sleep

Let’s face it — we live in a non-stop society. In our rush, we too often put sleep on the back burner. As a busy mom myself, I can understand why people forgo sleep to get things done.

But it’s the wrong approach. Sleep has a huge effect on how you feel throughout the day, and nutrition plays a role in how well you sleep. Food relates directly to serotonin, a key hormone that — along with Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid — helps promote healthy sleep. Try to consume foods that calm the body, increase serotonin levels and get you ready for restful sleep.

Here are a few foods to get you started on the path to slumber.

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