Last call: Labs & Biometrics for Non-Plan Participants

Roberts, K

LAST CALL: Employees not covered on Harbin Clinic insurance are invited to participate in FREE labs and biometrics.

Earn 100 points towards being HarbinSTRONG-EST!
Why participate?
•Convenient, free and comprehensive!
•Know your numbers to know your risks.
•HarbinSTRONG will forward results to your designated Primary Care provider for review.
•Results are uploaded to your HarbinSTRONG portal so you can complete your PHA for an additional 100 points!
Rome                        Monday, July 30th – Wednesday, August 1st 
Satellite offices       Thursday, August 2nd 
Cartersville              Friday, August 3rd 
Login to the HarbinSTRONG portal via the Intranet for details and to register.
Registration closes tomorrow (Thursday, July 26th) at 12 noon.
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