Healthy Holiday Tips from Vitality


The holidays represent a festive time of year but can often times be filled with lots of stress, parties, shopping and preparations for trips or out-of-town visitors. The extra responsibilities can make maintaining an exercise regimen daunting.

The staff of Harbin Clinic Vitality Fitness offers tips on how to stay healthy through the holidays.

Find Time to De-stress

Between shopping, planning, cooking, travelling and other holiday endeavors, stress can really creep in.

“I always believe everyone should take some time out of each day to focus, do some breathing exercises and be mindful of what you are doing,” Ellen Houston, group exercise instructor, says.  “Taking some time each day to relax can be very beneficial.”

And of course one of the best ways to de-stress is to exercise.

“One of the biggest things about stress is that exercise really helps you de-stress, which is vital during the holidays,” Susan Lavigne, an exercise physiologist, says.

Make Time to Exercise

Free time seems to become a rare commodity during the holiday season, but it’s still important to find time to exercise.

“If you’re on vacation, make sure you take the stairs instead of the elevator to get in some extra work,” Lavigne says. “A lot of people feel like they don’t have time to exercise. If you break it up into small sessions, it’s easier to fit into a busy schedule.”

Even when at work or out shopping, there are tricks you can employ to get in some extra exercise.

“When you’re sitting at your desk, do desk sit ups and wall push ups,” Brian Price, exercise physiologist, says. “If you’re out shopping at the mall or a large store, do an extra lap or two around the store and park a little further way. This helps get some extra walking in.”

Watch the Extra Calories

The holidays also often mean lots of food and extra treats. If your exercise program takes a hit and you consume a lot of extra goodies, it can really mess up any routine.

“Everything has to be done in moderation,” Lavigne says. “If you’re at a party, try to get a smaller plate or take smaller portions. Feel free to get the food or treats you want, but try to make the portions smaller.”

Extra Tips

There are a few more things to remember to help keep the holidays healthy:

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep
  • Don’t stress about the little things you can’t control
  • Instead of reaching for sugary treats, try to eat more fruits
  • Enjoy spending time with friends and family

Remember to follow these tips and your exercise routine should survive the holidays. If you’re looking for more advice or help with an exercise program, contact Harbin Clinic Vitality Fitness at 706.290.2334.




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