Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without some mashed potatoes, rolls, and an assortment of desserts. And although the food is the best part of this special holiday, the carb overload can sometimes make you feel so drowsy and bloated that you’ll choose to skip out on getting in line to score some amazing Black Friday deals. So, this year, why not avoid the food coma by swapping out your favorite Thanksgiving classics with some healthy Thanksgiving recipes?

These healthy Thanksgiving recipes are as delicious as their high-calorie counterparts — just a little lighter. Whether you’re trying to keep your cholesterol in check or want to avoid overeating, you can rest assured that these recipes for roasted sweet potatoes and cranberry-grape sauce will satisfy everyone at the table. But remember, you don’t have to feel bad for eating whatever you want during the holidays. Enjoying every aspect of the special occasion — including the food — is what it’s all about.

21 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes To Gobble Up This Holiday Season

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