Vanguard Webinar: Volatile Markets

Volatile Markets: Principles of Investing Success

In response to the recent market volatility, Vanguard will be hosting a special webinar to help guide you through these uncertain times. Market volatility can be stressful for anyone—even when saving for a long-term goal like retirement. But understanding Vanguard’s investment philosophy can help you ride out the ups and downs of the market and reach your financial goals.

This webinar will teach you how to:

-Set clear investment goals.

-Create a broadly diversified mix of investments.

-Keep costs low.

-Invest for the long term.


Thursday, March 26th, Tuesday, March 31st and Thursday, April 2nd

12 noon and 4p.m.

Reserve your spot today

To register, visit

Earn 10 HarbinSTRONG points in Q2 for participating in the full webinar. Points will be awarded once a list of participants who completed the webinar is provided by Vanguard.

Get the latest on changing markets and coronavirus impact from Vanguard.

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