Calling those not on Harbin Insurance!

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Harbin Clinic wants all Harbin employees to become the HarbinSTRONG-EST they can be. That means employees can participate in all HarbinSTRONG programs even if they are not insured under the Harbin Clinic plan.

“I love participating with HarbinSTRONG because it gives me accountability to stick to my goals,” says Miriam Little, a Licensed Masters Social Worker at Harbin Clinic’s Cancer Center. “Even though I don’t utilize Harbin Clinic’s insurance, I find that being a part of a community rather than on my own helps me set higher goals for myself and stick to them.”

“I have a coworker who is part-time but participates in the program, too, and we find that just having someone working towards similar aspirations and saying, ‘Hey, are you going to be at the gym tomorrow? Let’s do it!’ or, ‘Did you do your challenge for the week?’ really helps me stay motivated,” Little says.

The new structure of the HarbinSTRONG program helps her stay intentional and not procrastinate, says Little.

“I like how the quarterly program keeps me on track throughout the year so that I don’t put off my accomplishments.”

While the HarbinSTRONG program is a great way to interact with your fellow employees, improve your health, collect wellness points and earn prizes, the paybacks don’t stop there. Little finds that the benefits to her mental and physical health are invaluable.

“The program is a great stress relief,” she says. “Making time at lunch or before or after work to get out and get some fresh air and exercise helps my perspective a lot. It really relaxes me and makes it easier to manage the things I need to do.”

Employees that are not covered on Harbin Clinic insurance are invited to receive FREE labs and biometrics analysis as part of their HarbinSTRONG participation. To get started, simply visit the HarbinSTRONG portal to register and schedule your appointment. It is the first step in earning a “My Health Badge”.

Labs and Biometrics are scheduled for those who don’t participate in Harbin insurance in Rome Tuesday, August 20th – Thursday, August 22nd, Cartersville on Friday, September 13th and Harbin offices in other cities on Tuesday, August 20th.

Registration is available on the HarbinSTRONG portal under “Upcoming HarbinSTRONG Programs and Activities”.

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