Holiday Game Plan


When you tell yourself that the holiday season will be difficult to keep on track with all the available food and drink, chances are it’s going to be. Your self-talk becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you expect to give in to the temptation of all those homemade baked goods, you will and your weight loss goals are sure to suffer. If you’re sure it’s not an option to turn down your mother’s offer of seconds, it won’t be.

But if you want to start the New Year without feeling like you’re starting over, you can. The first thing you need is a positive attitude, says Dianne Siegelbaum, a New York-based Wellness Coach. “You can if you think you can,” she says.

The second thing you need? A plan. People who stay within sight of their weight-loss goals — in one way or another — are the people who eventually attain their goals. Figuring out what’s different and more difficult about losing weight during the holidays helps you strategize how to work through it.

It can be done, and we’ll help you do it. Keep reading to develop your plan for getting through the season.

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