Master Your Mindset


Here is some inspiration to kick off the holiday week…

Master Your Mindset: Placing your energy on what you believe to be negative will only cause that negativity to Stop wasting valuable energy by focusing on what you don’t want. Placing your energy on what you believe to be negative will only cause that negativity to dominate your life. Have you noticed how when you focus on what you can’t eat, your craving for that food escalates? Or how regularly thinking and talking about the weight you “need” to lose makes it seem like you aren’t getting anywhere? Or how always weighing yourself and examining your reflection makes you feel like your body hasn’t changed? The same applies to any negativity you place your focus on elsewhere in life—at work, at home, in relationships. When you let go of your obsession with focusing on the negative, life is so much more beautiful. Life is meant to be lived and you have a beautiful mind, body and soul that deserve to live it to the fullest. Focus on all the delicious and colorful whole foods available to you, focus on the amazing things you are capable of doing, focus on developing stronger, healthier habits. Open up to the positivity that surrounds you in your everyday life, place your focus there and see the positivity grow. Naturally, the vibrancy in your life will enhance and your goals will be reached with greater ease!

(Adapted from This Week in Burn Nation)


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