Go Further with Fueling Your Activity

Natl Nutrition Month

Go Further with Food by fueling your physical activity.   Healthy meals and snacks can fuel your day and your workouts giving lots of energy.  Exercise burns less calories than you think.  For example walking a mile burns about 100 calories which is about the calories in one egg.

  • Morning Workouts: If exercising in the morning is for you, have a small carbohydrate snack such as a mini-bagel and about 16oz of water before your workout. After your workout, eat a breakfast combining carbohydrates and proteins such as an egg sandwich and piece of fruit or glass of fat free milk.
  • Afternoon Workouts: If you are exercising after work, plan to eat lunch about 3-4 hours before your workout. Healthy lunches should contain enough calories to sustain your workout. Add a snack of about 15grams of carbohydrates and water about 15-30 minutes before your workout. Here’s a chance to get in a fruit serving!
  • High Intensity Long Workouts: If your workouts are over an hour at high intensity, you may need to hydrate with more than water. Sports drinks will provide hydration and electrolytes that are lost through sweat to help rehydrate and replenish. Dehydration can be a big concern especially in the Georgia heat. It is VERY important to drink water before, during and after your high intensity or heavy sweating exercises.
  • Refueling Post Workout: Start with water. If you are headed home for a meal, a post workout snack is not necessary. If dinner is still several hours away, plan a protein/carb snack such as low-fat string cheese and crackers or skim milk.

Which do we need more for weight loss: Video: Exercise vs Diet?

Want more science of nutrition and exercise as we age? Check out this TED talk: Exercise and Nutrition for Middle Age and Older

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