Berry Enterprise Farm Stand coming…

Berry Enterprises

Where does your food come from? In the case of The Berry Farms the answer is easy, just down the street on the Berry College Campus. Locally sourced and all natural, The Berry Farms features student operated enterprises that are a part of the work experience at Berry College. Students manage these small businesses and learn all the basics operations needed for business ownership. The enterprises selling at Harbin today include an all- natural garden operation, free range chickens that produce delicious eggs and cheese made from milk produced on the Berry Campus.

Meet these student entrepreneurs and support their businesses on July 12 and July 27 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

The Berry Farms Season’s Harvest will have for sale fresh seasonal veggies including: squash, zucchini, tomatoes, blackberries, and a limited supply of okra, corn, onions and garlic. There may be other items not listed depending on what the garden yields.

The Berry Farms Blue Hen Eggs operates a mobile chicken “tractor” a coop on wheels. It is fully sustainable, using solar to operate automatic doors and lights in the tractor. The hens roam the garden inside a fence during the day, providing beneficial insect control and fertilizer; and enjoy the coop at night. The eggs are especially delicious in baked goods and quiche.

The Berry Farms Jersey Milk will offer a variety of flavors made from milk produced by a price winning Jersey herd. Flavors range from Farmer’s, equal to a nice white cheddar to Applewood smoked gouda which combines the flavor of a traditional gouda with a nice apple smoked taste.

Again, come and meet these student entrepreneurs and take home delicious locally sourced products for your snaking and meal prep pleasure.

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