Healthy Hydration Challenge Winners

water cup imageThank you to everyone who participated in the Healthy Hydration Challenge. We had excellent participation and 270 employees met the challenge goal of drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily during the challenge. Hopefully you feel great and will continue increasing your water intake!

All teams that met the challenge goal were placed in a raffle. Congratulations to our winning teams are…

Cartersville Cardiology – Christy Ash, Kelly Bennett, Tammi Ezell and Sabrina Norton

Dry Bones – Inda Hooper, Elena Fricks, Wendy Robinson and Brionna Turner

Rheuma Girls – Sherry Hayes, Emily Minter, Joni Nelson and Jan Timmons

Salt & Pepper – Etrudy Hammond, Missy Krause, Leah Stephenson and Tammy Walker

Spectacular Vascular – Patrick Dizon, Liz Mathis, Stacy McDaniel and Susan Spivey

Each team member will receive a fabulous HarbinSTRONG beach towel. In addition, 2 teams will receive a flip table donated by Dr. John Cowan. What is a flip table? Checkout Dr. Cowan’s invention at

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