TriChallenge Raffle Winners


Congratulations to everyone who completed the 2017 HarbinSTRONG TriChallenge! We hope you enjoyed focusing on cardio exercise, sleep and nutrition during the three week challenge. The goal of the challenge was to build healthy habits and have fun!

Teams that reached 120 minutes of exercise each week, got their ZZZs and ate their fruits and veggies were entered into a raffle drawing. Our winning teams are:

Pushing Up Daisies (Business Office) – Casey Self, Robbie Hartley, Janice Burkhalter and Vickie Messer

Doin’ tha Most (Eye Center) – Kimberlie Pledger, Jada Addison, Lisa Henderson, Kimberly Deboard

Heart Beats 2 (Cardiology Rome) – Sherrye Puryear, Ellen Smith and Anahit Corbin

Each team member will receive a Tri care package with a smartphone armband, sleep time tea, and a veggie spiralizer.


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