Meet the HarbinSTRONG Elite


More than 250 Harbin Clinic employees proved they were All In when it comes to caring completely about wellness and personal fitness by earning HarbinSTRONG-EST recognition for 2016.

Those employees were treated to a special celebration on Friday, Jan 20 at Harbin Clinic Vitality Fitness.

“I am proud of all of the Harbin employees who have stepped up and proven to be HarbinSTRONG-EST, and I hope that even more accept the challenge in 2017,” Harbin Clinic CEO Kenna Stock says.

At the special event, 25 Harbin employees were honored as HarbinSTRONG Elite. These were the top 25 points earners for 2016. All of them went above and beyond, soaring past the 550 points to become HarbinSTRONG-EST and were honored with a special medal.

Harbin Strong Elite winners included (pictured above): Pat Kidd, Kelley Roberts, Amy Simmons, Dallas Jennings, Ben Simmons, Melissa Hopper, Susan Lavigne, Gladys Mixon, Melissa Campbell, Frankie Summerville, Karen Ayres, Rebecca Brock, Kari Pace, Breanna Terry, Tonia Mohler, Vickie Burdick, Tammy Perry, Anthony Price, Joseph Bullard, Paige Shaw, Teresa Littlejohn, Robin Wood, Cherilyn Donovan, Etrudy Hammond and Bobbi Freeman.

And don’t forget that 2017 has already started so be sure to set your STRONG Goal for 2017 and see if you too can be one of Harbin’s Strong-est.

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