Making Work Fun


On the 8th Day of Fitness, the daily task was to nominate a co-worker who makes work more fun. Our winner is… Orbert Rogers in Radiation Oncology.
Joan Kines shared, “Orbert seems to find the lighter side of every situation. No matter how uncomfortable people are – he will flash his big smile, sing an appropriate song for the circumstances and share a few of his dance moves. His great customer service skills, sense of humor and communication skills make all our patients and staff happy to be greeted by him each day. Orbert is in command of don’t worry, be happy! If he has ever had a bad day, no one has known.”
Joy Parks also nominated Orbert. She said, “Orbert always has a smile on his face, he makes patients feel at ease and he is a great supervisor for his therapists.”
Congratulations Orbert!
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