Team Salt and Pepper


Etrudy Hammond and Tammy Walker

Power of being Harbin STRONG-EST with an office buddy

Team Name: “Salt and Pepper”

Tammi: “It motivates you [having someone to work out with]. If you know the other person is going to be there you’re more likely to show up.”

Tammi: “My rule in the evenings is – If I’m gonna watch TV – for the first 30 minutes or an hour I have to be standing.”

Etrudy: “I have a quote that I really like, ‘It’s not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change.’ I saw it on the internet and I love it!”

Etrudy: “Oh yes, I’ve got three grandchildren and I want to be able to play with my grandkids. I want to play with my babies. I want to be alive.”

If you had an end goal, other than being healthy, what would yours be?

Tammi: “To be able to play with my grandkids and to be there for them. If something happened to them I want to be able to take care of them physically. I want to be one less worry. I want to be healthy to help them [my parents].”

Etrudy: “I have RA so this [being mobile and moving] helps me to have a life because without that I’m stiff and not able to move.”




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