Meet Pat


Pat Kidd, Manager of vascular surgery
Commitment to inspire her team
“I woke up one day and realized that my life was so busy. I dedicated all of my time giving pieces of my day to everyone and everything that there was no time for myself. I made a decision to start carving out a little time in each day to reward, celebrate, or just dedicate to me and doing what I love. I love cooking and being creative in the kitchen, my staff can verify this. I have never been one that loved working out, but I fell in love with walking, walking became hiking; my journey began. My goal wasn’t as it still isn’t weight loss, for me it’s about making steps, in the small amount of time I carved out for myself, to live a healthier lifestyle. I am blessed to have been supported, by friends and family. The next thing I realized was just how many in my department started on a similar personal journey. So being surrounded by people that give support and encouragement has really helped. I have been fortunate that weight loss has happened as a result, and that I don’t have to focus on calories or stress over them.”
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