Meet Robin

Robin Wood.jpg

Robin Wood, Armuchee Family Practice
*Wellness Champion
*2015 and 2016 HarbinSTRONG-EST
What kept you going past the 500 points required to earn HarbinSTRONG-EST in 2015?
“I thought it was important for myself. I didn’t want to just stop. Like why stop? Overall your health is going to keep going so I wanted to be healthier. I didn’t want to stop where I was at. I wanted to continue for myself and for my coworkers. I wanted to be an example for them to help them keep going too.”
Why did you choose to partake in HarbinSTRONG?
“Initially I did it because once you get to a certain age your metabolism completely slows down. So, I just wanted to become the healthiest version of myself. And try to maintain where I am, not exceed where I’m at now. Be the healthiest version of me that I can be.”
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