Congratulations on being HarbinSTRONG-EST!

Where will you be on Jan 22

The following employees have achieved the coveted HarbinSTRONG-EST level (as of September 30th).  Will you be joining them on January 22nd to celebrate?

Robin Abney, Kimberly Agan, Judy Allen, Aymie Baker, Cassey Benton, Tim Blalock, Rebecca Brock, Joseph Bullard, Vickie Burdick, Laura Butler, Jeni Carson, Arti Cherry, Vickie Christie, laShae Clonts, Victoria Cooper, Rhonda Culp, Deborah Dawson, Margie Deering, Cherilyn Donovan, Meredith Evans, Casey Faulkner, Kimberly Floyd, Caitlin Freeman, Tina Gallant, Angela Godfrey, Angela Goodson, Peggy Green, Allison Hall, Sherri Hardegree, Lisa Henderson, Cynthia Hooker, Inda Hooper, Sabrina Hooper, Amy Hudgins, Stefanie Huff, Shelley Jennings, Crista Kelley, Joan Kines, Sarah King, Holly Kinsey, Susan Lavigne, Kimberly Lesperance, Brittany Littlefield, Teresa Littlejohn, Carrie Lively, Alicia Lovingood, Nicole Magnuson, Gail Martin, Mesha Mathis, Mary Mathis, Malika Mills, Armando Montana, Joni Nelson, Connie Nolan, Kari Pace, Tammy Perry, Jennifer Pilcher, Misty Pope, Sherry Pope, Anthony Price, Marcy Pugliese, Dana Reece, Erica Rivera, Kelli Rogers, Paige Shaw, Susan Sills, Susan Spivey, Barry Steed, Frieda Thompson, Teresa Thornton, Tara Towe, Tina Waggoner, Tammie Walker, Laura Walraven, Tammy Walters, Tonya West, Sarah Whitten, Ava Williams, Lauren Williams, Robin Wood, and Tonya Woods.

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