TriChallenge Winners

Tri image

The HarbinSTRONG TriChallenge was a huge success! Over 300 triathletes completed at least 90% of the goal and 149 reached or exceeded 100% of the goal.

Congratulations to our winning teams!

Overall Winner

Self-Made Chicks – Casey Self, Aymie Baker, Jayta Long, and Tonya Wyatt

VIP Team – Raffle winner of all teams that met or exceeded 100% of goal 

Reece Party of 7 – Dana Reece, Amber Morrison, Eurice Holt, and Tracy Strickland

Two Raffle Winners of all teams meeting 90% of the goal

Some Like It COLD – Shaina Rodriguez, Susan Sills, Carol Mixer, and Tara Towe

Indahooper team – Inda Hooper, Joanne Helmer, Melissa Van Note, and Morgan Newberry

Thank you to all TriChallenge participants! Join us for the next challenge – 12 Days of Fitness starting on November 30th! Be on the lookout for details and registration information soon…

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