Sleep Better Tonight

This week Harbin Healthy You participants are being asked to set aside time to reflect, refocus…and (fingers crossed) get some sleep!​  If you’re having a difficult time getting a good nights rest, like 49% of adults in the United States, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Vitamin B6 is necessary in making melatonin, which helps with sleep.  Higher B6 foods include: fish, poultry, beef, chickpeas, bananas and potatoes.
Calcium and magnesium are also important micronutrients when it comes to sleep.  Higher calcium foods include milk and kale while high magnesium foods include whole grains and nuts.
Lastly, remember that decreased caffeine intake is necessary to catch those night-time z’s.  Cut off caffeinated drinks mid afternoon and turn to water instead to finish out your day.  Need the energy?  Check out these 5 energy boosting snacks.
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