Eating Breakfast Daily


This week Harbin Healthy You participants are being challenged to adopt the habit of eating a healthy breakfast daily. Eating a meal of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats within an hour of so of waking can rev up your metabolism and give you fuel for an active day.

Here are some quick and easy ideas for breakfast:
• Banana with peanut butter.
• Fresh fruit sliced into Greek yogurt (add some almond butter, cinnamon, chia seeds, and a drizzle of honey – yum!)
• Oatmeal with fruit and nuts – like apples, blueberries, peaches and walnuts.  Add some cinnamon for extra flavor!
• Small, whole wheat tortilla with 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter and chopped strawberries or bananas.  Roll it up and slice it!  (Works great for kids and adults.)
• Breakfast smoothies.
• Whole grain English muffin with egg and veggies.
• Meal replacement bar – read the nutrition label carefully!  Ideally the bar will have close to 10 g of protein and less than 30 g of carbohydrates.

Need more inspiration?  Check out these nine fast, healthy breakfast ideas.

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