FREE Labs and Biometrics for Non-Plan Participants


We care completely for all Harbin Clinic employees – even if you don’t have Harbin Clinic insurance!

HarbinSTRONG is offering FREE comprehensive labs and biometrics to employees not covered on Harbin Clinic insurance.

What’s in it for you?

In addition to receiving a snapshot of your current health status, you can earn up to 300 HarbinSTRONG points. Here’s a breakdown:

100 points       Labs and Biometrics

100 points       Online Personal Health Assessment

100 points       Annual well visit with your primary care physician


June 11-13 in Rome

Harbin Clinic Immediate Care at 1825 Martha Berry Blvd

June 19 in Cartersville

Harbin Clinic Cartersville ENT and Orthopaedic office

How can you sign up? 

Visit the HarbinSTRONG portal.

Need more info or have questions?

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