Enjoy the season’s abundance of apples

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Whether you head to a nearby orchard for a day of apple pickin’ or purchase fresh locally grown apples at the market, apples simply taste best in the fall!

Every time you bite into an apples, you’re biting into a dose of powerful nutrition. A medium apples has fiber, vitamin C and potassium and it is full of health-protective phytochemicals – all for only 95 calories!

Gain inspiration from these tips for incorporating the many health benefits of apples into your diet:

-Slice apples into your morning hot cereal; add a touch of cinnamon for extra pizzazz.

-Pack apples as the perfect between meal snack for work, school or activity – no packaging or refrigeration required.

-Slice apples for an appetizer course to serve with dip, such as nut or seed butters, fruit spread or cream cheese.

-Don’t forget to include apple slices – one of kids’ top-rated fruit snacks – in the children’s lunch boxes or snack bags.

-Dice apples into salads, such as green salads, waldorf salads and slaws.

-Grate apples into breads, such as pancakes, muffins or quick breads.

-Throw a fresh apple into your juicer to offer a naturally sweet flavor to your fruit and vegetable fruit blends.

Information from the Chelan Fresh Toolkit for Registered Dieticians.

Cooking Light shares their best apple recipes:


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