Live Healthy – Win Big Photo Contest – Final Round

Admin Team

Administration team members get ready to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Aycock Admin at Vitality

Rhonda Aycock (Accounting) has fun working out at Vitality!

Cherilyn Donovan Medical Admin with dog Darby on Lake Nottely

Cherilyn Donovan (Medical Administration) and her dog, Darcy, on Lake Nottely.

Diehl family with Tom hiking in West Virginia

Tom Diehl (CFO) and his family enjoy a hike in West Virginia.

Dr. Davis

Dr. Ken Davis (CEO/President) has success on the river!

Elizabeth Martinez Urology biking at Ridge Ferry

Elizabeth Martinez (Urology) enjoys a bike ride at Ridge Ferry Park with her family.

Liz and Angie ready to take the plunge

Angie McWhorter (CIO) and Liz Schoen (CCO) get ready for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Robin Abney daugthers

Robin Abney’s (Medical Administration) daughters enjoy a healthy snack during a swim break.

Sara Oliver Cartersville canoeing at Red Top with her dogs

Sara Oliver (Cardiology – Cartersville) kayaking at Red Top Mountain with her two “water dogs”.

Tonya West girls kayaking from back

Tonya West (General Surgery) kayaking with her three daughters.

TRED Trail Run

Harbin is well represented TRED Trail Run – Logan Simmons (Marketing), Kari Pace (Coumadin Clinic), Amy Hudgins (HR) , Paige Shaw (Cancer Center), Erin Williams (Admin), Meghan Henderson (Cancer Center), and Laura Self (Cancer Center).

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