Live Healthy – Win Big Summer Photo Challenge

Last Call for Summer Photos! The deadline to enter your photo is Monday, September 1. The winner will receive a Canon Camera.

To see all the photos submitted so far, visit the HarbinSTRONG facebook page.

Angela Goodson Dialysis niece Kathlynn walking my dog, Max, at Berry College
Angela Goodson (Dialysis) and her niece, Kathlynn, walk her dog, Max, at Berry College.

Becca Agan and Haley Dobbs Audiology House of Dreams
Haley Dobbs (Audiology) and her sister, Becca Agan, at the House of Dreams.

Haley Dobbs,  Kim Agan and Becca Agan at house of dreams
Kim Agan (Business Office) and her daughters, Haley Dobbs (Audiology) and Becca Agan hike to the House of Dreams at Berry College.

Janna Cox Summerville family at the beach
Janna Cox (Summerville) enjoys beach time with her family.

Jennifer Pilcer Cardiology daugher Katilyn learning to ride a horse
Jennifer Pilcher’s (Cardiology) daughter, Katilyn, learns to a ride a horse.

Kari Pace Coumadin Clinic hike with son at Rock Eagle
Kari Pace (Coumadin Clinic) hiking with her son at Rock Eagle.

L Griffin swinging with daughter
LeeTasha Griffin (Cardiology) swinging with her daughter at the park.

LeeTasha Griffin Cardiology
LeeTasha Griffin (Cardiology) takes her dogs for a walk.

Renee Reece General Surgery kayaking on Etowah
Renee Reece (General Surgery) kayaking on the Etowah River with her family.

Sam Lindley age 7 son of heather Hickman CPNP pediatrics
Heather Hickman’s (Pediatrics) son, Lindley, is off to ride his scooter.

Tammy Perry afternoon jog with son
Tammy Perry (Business Office) and her son cool down after an afternoon run.

Kimberlee Miller Peds daughter Joleen Greer at Paris Lake GHC
Kimberlee Miller (Pediatrics) and her daughter, Joleen Greer, fishing at Paris Lake on the GHC campus.

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