Nutrition Apps


In the age of smartphones, health and nutrition is going digital. These apps can help track your health on the go.

Calorie King is an easy to navigate Apple app with an online component used to look up calorie content in foods from restaurant to store bought items. The app has different tabs for fast food, brand name products and general food items.

Fooducate allows consumers to scan barcodes to help read nutrition information. The products are given a letter grade to determine nutrition quality providing pros and cons for the product. Users can track their diet, calorie quality and exercise and create a healthy grocery list.

MyFitnessPal allows users to create a calorie counter and exercise tracker. With over 2 million foods available, users can review nutrient analysis as well as add personal recipes to customize meals.

Is My Food Safe? helps keep our food and families safe by providing home food safety information including when to throw out foods and safe cooking temperatures. You can also test your food safety knowledge with interactive quizzes.

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