tug of war

Being healthy is a choice and at times can seem to be a constant struggle…. One thing pulls you one way and another in a totally different direction. We live a daily HEALTH TUG OF WAR!

Picture it.  The big favorites (our established habits) tip off against the little up-and-comer (new, healthier choices).  The underdog looks good early with the energy that newness brings. Then, over time, the favorite takes over…….  Creating a TUG OF WAR! But once the muscle-your mind and body line up together and take a stand… the rope is pulled in one direction and the WAR IS WON! You begin to head in a new direction….

French fries  vs. salads

Couponing vs. unplanned purchases

Fast food supper vs. crock pot supper

30 minutes of TV vs. 30 minutes of rest

Which direction will you allow your rope to be pulled?


Heather Arthur, Harbin Clinic Adairsville

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