March Madness for Wellness

march madness

March brings thoughts of the annual college basketball tournament and March Madness. This is the time when so many tune in to see the match-ups and cheer on the underdogs. So we got to thinking – what if there were a “March Madness” in our wellness pursuits…

Picture it.  The big favorites (our established habits) tip off against the little up-and-comer (new, healthier choices).  The underdog looks good early with the energy that newness brings. Then, over time, the favorite takes over, pushing aside any thoughts of an upset.  But sometimes, the magic happens.

Lets take a look at some of the wellness matchups you may be facing during the month of March. Which one are you going to circle as the winner in your life? (hint – the winner will be you if selecting the right one).


One more TV show at night vs. An extra 30 minutes of sleep

Meal in crockpot vs. Stop on way home to grab dinner

That donut in the breakroom vs. A 5 minute walk around the office

Sitting in morning traffic vs. Beat traffic and hit gym near office

A few more minutes on social media vs. Plan a date with spouse

Pull the trigger on that purchase vs. An extra $50 in your 401K each period

Burger & fries vs. Salad with lean protein for lunch

You get the idea, and you can easily identify others that fit your own areas of wellness.  The key is to identify the matchups that will have the greatest positive impact in your own wellness journey and then coach the underdogs on to victory!

The underdogs are the story of March. Which opportunities do you have this month to make this your own Cinderella story?


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