Vitality Check-In Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the following employees who completed the Vitality Challenge during the month of February.  Each of these employees visited Vitality a minimum of eight times in February.  (If you think you met the challenge and your name is not listed, please contact Vitality.)

Tania Aurora, Robert Ayers, Vickie Burdick, Angie Cagle, Andrea Calhoun, Tim Cargle, Thomas Diehl, Dr. Randell Elkins, Dr. Stephen Finn, Leetasha Griffin, Jamie Harris, Lisa Henderson, Joyce Hurley, Nancy Jones, Patricia Kidd, Shawn Lawrence, Lori Lotz, Pamela McAfee, Donna McCutcheon, Armando Montana, Daniel Moses, Toya Moses, Dr. Hunter Myers, Tripp Robison, Kelley Roberts, Carol Shell, Jeanelle Smith, James Smith, Dr. Trammell Starr, Debra Story, Lynn Stull, Teresa Thornton, Dr. James Whatley and Lauren Williams.

Our raffle winners are: Angie Cagle, Shawn Lawrence, and Kelley Roberts! Each winner will get to choose between an Ipod shuffle, Nike FitBit Zip or a smoothie blender.

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