Tips for using KEAS to help with your weight loss goals

Keas Basketball-01The key feature on KEAS that can help you with your Weight Loss goals are:

• Weekly Goals • Quests • Quizzes • Healthy Breaks

Weekly Goals allow you to focus on three goals each week.  There are a variety of goals to choose from so you can pick ones that match up with your weight loss goals.  Goals are divided into three categories: Nutrition, Exercise and Mind/Body.  You earn points for logging in and recording your progress throughout the week.  You can select new goals each Monday but make sure you do not change it before Monday or you will lose all points associated with the goals you removed.

Suggestions for weekly goals you might find to be beneficial:

Nutrition -Eat your meals on a small plate -Fill half your plate with veggies -Track your daily calories (this will support your journaling for My Weight Solution) -Eat 5 fruits and veggies a day -Give up soda -Cut 500 calories from your diet

Exercise -Climb stairs -Walk (you set the amount of time you will walk daily) -Workout at lunch (check the Vitality Fitness schedule) -Partner-up -15 minute walk break -Dirty Thirty – exercise 30 minutes a day (then record it in your My Weight Solution journal)

Quests are another way you can earn points daily on KEAS and are focused on longer term goals (more than a week).  You can select up to two Quests and earn 4 points per update per Quest per day. As you level up you will unlock new and more challenge Quests.

Consider taking these Quests that will in turn help you reach your weight loss goals:

•Less Than A Millenium – record 1,000 minutes of exercise.  If you exercise 30 minutes a day 6 days a week, you can complete this quest in less than six weeks!

•Lose 5 pounds – You are already committed to weight loss so earn points too!

•Pack Your Lunch for 5 days – This will help ensure you keep your daily calorie counts in check.

Quizzes is Keas’ educational feature. You’ll be shocked to learn how many “health myths” we believe!  Focus on the quizzes related to diet and exercise and you will become a Rhodes Scholar of wellness.  The “featured” quizzes earn you 4 points and you can take them multiple times until you master the lessons.

Healthy Breaks are super short breaks you can take to help you re-energize and re-focus. Stress can be one of the biggest challenges to manage to successfully lose weight.  If you find yourself reaching for a snack or a sugary drink during the day, take 5 minutes (or less) to log onto KEAS and complete a Healthy Break.  It will relieve stress instantly and your temptation to eat empty calories will vanish. Plus you earn points!

Don’t forget the social newsfeed!  Report your progress and encourage others.

Being part of a team is a great way to stay accountable and have even more fun. Either way you qualify for great prizes!


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