Healthy Holiday Quiz

Want to have a healthier holiday season this year? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of calories and fat in traditional holiday foods.

  1. Which appetizer contains the least amount of fat?
    1. Three stuffed mushrooms
    2. 2 tablespoons of cheese ball with nuts
    3. Three pizza rolls
  2. Which cookie has the most calories?
    1. One medium gingerbread man
    2. One medium butterscotch chip cookie
    3. 2″ square lemon bar
  3. Which cocktail has the least calories?
    1. A rum and Coke®
    2. A whiskey sour
    3. A martini
  4. Which candy has the least fat?
    1. 2-cubic-inch square of chocolate fudge
    2. One fudge-dipped Oreo®
    3. One medium-piece peanut brittle
  5. Which meat has the most fat?
    1. 3 ounces (oz) boneless ham (lean and fat eaten)
    2. 3 oz boneless duck (skin eaten)
    3. 3 oz boneless cooked chicken leg (skin eaten)
  6. Which starch has the most sodium?
    1. ½ cup (C) homemade bread stuffing
    2. ½ C homemade mashed potatoes
    3. One dinner roll
  7. Which warm beverage has the least calories?
    1. 1 C hot chocolate made with whole milk
    2. 1 C apple cider
    3. 1 C eggnog made with whole milk
  8. Which of the following contains the most sugar?
    1. One piece of fruit cake
    2. One pecan roll
    3. 2 inch square brownie

Answer key:

  1. c. The pizza rolls contains 6 grams (g) fat, the stuffed mushrooms contain 11g, and the cheese ball contains 10 g.
  2.  c. The lemon bar contains 143 calories, the gingerbread man contains 64 calories and the butterscotch chip cookie contains 50 calories
  3.  b. The whiskey sour contains 123 calories, the martini contains 160 calories, and the rum and Coke contains 154 calories
  4. c. The peanut brittle contains 2 g fat, and the fudge and the fudge-dipped Oreo contain 5 g each.
  5. b. The duck contains 15 g fat, the ham contains 6 g, and the chicken leg contains 12 g.
  6. a. The Stuffing contains 542 milligrams (mg) of sodium, the mashed potatoes contain 266 mg, and the dinner roll contains 134 mg.
  7. b. The apple cider has 117 calories, the hot chocolate contains 190 calories, and the eggnog contains 343 calories.
  8. a. The fruit cake contains 34 g of sugar, the pecan roll contains 13 g, and the frosted brownie contains 15 g.
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