Spring Into Summer KEAS Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the “Spring Into Summer” KEAS Challenge Winners!

Milestone Raffle Winners(To share the wealth, we have added a THIRD winning team!)

Top Shelf Divas – Devisha Boddie, MollieBrown, Tasha Griffin, Rosie Lawrence, Brittney Settles, and Lanesha Teague
2nd Ave Sisters – Sandra Baker, Carolyn Davis, Pam Eads, Linda Hilburn, Amy Hudgins and Rosa Rickman
Health Infonators – Andrew Cole, Cynthia Hogue, Frances Lowery, Alicia Lovingood, Amanda Meeler and Amy Redden

Individual Milestone Raffle Winners
Amanda DeWitt, Sandra Harrison, Judy Jennings, Kimberly Lesperance and Nicole Magnuson

Overall Winners
1st Place
Tribbles ‘n Bits – Charlotte Carr, Vickie Messer, Tribb Robison, Sherry Thompson, Sandy Thrasher and Tammy Walters

2nd Place
The Gun Show – Jackie Fennell, Bobby Isham, Shawn Lawrence, Sydney Thayer, Alex Thompson and Jessica Thompson

3rd Place
Michelle McClure, Kim Millsap, Sandra Moreno, Stacie Sanders, Victoria Shelton and Megan Tilley

Weekly Team Raffle Winners (Week 4)
The Kettle Belles and Patrick – Patrick Dixon, Amy Forston, Kelly Maddox, Connie Nolan and Valerie Parish

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