Winners of the “We are HarbinSTRONG” KEAS Challenge

Keas Celebrating

First Place
Valley Girls
Michelle McClure
Kim Millsap
Sandra Moreno
Victoria Shelton
Megan Tilley

Second Place
The Show Guns
Robin Babb
Jackie Fennell
Bobby Isham
Shawn Lawrence
Sydney Thayer
Jessica Thompson

Third Place
Tribbles ‘n Bits
Tribb Robison
Casey Self
Sandy Thrasher
Sherry Thompson
Keri Tutt
Tammy Walters

Milestone Winners
The Chickadees
Lynn Benton
Emily Gaddis
Angie Kinard
Teresa Littlejohn
Emily Williams

Bone Crushers
Amanda DeWitt
Daniel Moses
Keely Patterson
Susan Shell
Lori Weaver
Kirstyn Williams

CRBI Waterfest Winner
Juicy Fruits
Lisa Agan
Melinda Cook
Tonya Isham
Dana McDee
Jamie Moody
Jerree Pitts

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