KEAS Weekly Team Raffle Winner

Keas Celebrating

Congratulations to the Vein Center team for winning the KEAS Weekly Team Raffle. Way to go Kayleigh Bridges, Sequita Gibson, Hilliary Headrick and Vickie Turner!

This is the final week of the “We are HarbinSTRONG Challege”. We are pleased to announce that 50 (yes, 5-0) teams have earned 5000 points, enough to qualify them for Team Milestone Raffle prize! Fantastic raffle prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge. We cannot say it enough… earn those points!

Don’t get discouraged because your team still has a chance to be eligible for the raffle! Earn points immediately by working on your goals, taking quizzes, and completing healthy breaks. Don’t forget to update your quests for easy points.

Our challenge ends on Friday and the winning teams will be announced next week (probably by Wednesday)!

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