Week 5 of the “We are HarbinSTRONG” KEAS Challenge begins today!


Good morning and welcome to week 5 of the KEAS challenge!  Don’t forget to login to update your activities over the weekend and set your weekly goals. 

Play and win!

Congratulations to the IT Juggernauts for winning the weekly raffle!  Fabulous prizes are coming your way!  To qualify for the weekly raffle, everyone on your team must log-in and earn points.

19 teams have already earned 5000 points to qualify for the milestone raffle!  GREAT job!

Invite coworkers to join KEAS! Earn points.

Employees (and spouses) can join KEAS at any time and you can earn points by inviting them to play.  For every invitee who successfully registers for the game, the inviter earns up to 5 points! Players get points for the first 10 invitees who register, for a maximum of 50 points.  Easy way to earn points and spread the KEAS spirt.

KEAS – I’m lovin’ it!

“My experience with KEAS so far has been GREAT! I love it! I feel like we all hold each other accountable to do better with making healthier choices and to live better!” – Missy Krause, Cedartown FP

What are you lovin’ most about KEAS?  Let us know by sending a quick email to sking@harbinclinic.com.



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