KEAS – Tips and First Weekly Drawing


We have completed week one of the “We are HarbinSTRONG Challenge”!  Over 550 employees and spouses are participating and 87 teams are competing for prizes.

Each week, if everyone on your team is active, you’ll be entered into a raffle for HarbinSTRONG merchandise.   Our first winning team is…. C’Town Crew!  Congratulations to Missy Krause, Tammie Walker, Marsie Whittemore and Katherine Breeden. 

Using KEAS to reach your health and wellness goals:

-Join a team for social support around your health goals

-Be consistent with your goals.  If you find a goal that is working for you…stick with it.

-Balance fitness, nutrition, and mind/body activities (stress management).  Keas is a holistic approach to wellness.

-Prizes are great and you should try to win (competition drives fun, social rivalry), but remember that good health is the best prize of all.  Don’t lose track of this.

-Winning at Keas is building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  The best way to build sustainable healthy habits is to make awareness around health and wellness a part of your daily routine.  Keas is your hub for this.  

-Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do as much as you’d like at first.  Change takes time and it’s important to form bonds with people seeking similar goals.   Use the social feed to find players with similar goals and then team up.

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