Why are diets so challenging?

In recognition of Healthy Weight Week, here are some valuable tips about dieting:

You were likely excited in the beginning. You were ready to start a new lifestyle and lose weight. You filled up the shopping cart with fruits and vegetables, read articles about losing weight, and began walking every night after dinner.

For the first couple of weeks, it seemed everything was going great! You lost a couple of pounds, felt more energetic, and learned to prepare some new healthful meals and snacks. Then, somewhere your new lifestyle started to fall apart. You stopped losing weight or even more frustrating, actually gained a few pounds. You started to miss the foods that you used to eat. The honeymoon is over. What should you do now?

1. Control the stress:   Stress can increase hormone levels which make us want to eat more.  Work on including relaxation techniques…yoga, virtual tropical vacation, deep breathing.

2. Little slips add up: One piece of candy can quickly add up to two, four, ten…. Before you know it, you have gained the pounds back!

3. Fat Free Folly:  Read food labels closely.  Just because a food says fat free doesn’t mean calorie free.  Pay attention to serving sizes, calories, carbs and fats.

4. Remember breakfast: Studies show that skipping breakfast may save 300 calories in the morning, but you usually end up eating an extra 400 calories before the day is over. Start your day off at the breakfast table.

5. I think I can: Often weight loss slows after the initial 5 pounds. Healthy weight loss is a slow process.  Keep chugging along…I think I can …I think I can.

6. Diet is only part of the plan: Exercise is just as important as planning healthy meals.  Don’t skip on the skips.

Looking for help with weight loss?  Consider joining the HarbinSTRONG Weight Watchers at Work program.  Informational Meetings are coming up:

Thursday, January 24 at 12:15 p.m. – Harbin Clinic – Cartersville

Monday, January 28 at 12:15 p.m. – Main Clinic

For more information, email sking@harbinclinic.com.

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