2013 HarbinSTRONG Wellness Expo – Rome

We look forward to seeing everyone at the HarbinSTRONG Wellness Expo at the Vitality Fitness Center this Friday, January 11.

There will be over 25 vendors available to talk with employees and to provide valuable information related to health and wellness.  Vendors include Cancer Navigators, Keep Rome Beautiful, Weight Watchers, Winshape, CRBI, Rome/Floyd Parks and Recreation, Tucker Farms, Claws for Paws/ARF, Just Sports and many more.

  • Employees are asked to sign up advance via the intranet for a specific time.  Please honor your time to help ensure we are able to better manage crowds throughout the day.
  • Please park in the back parking lot of the Specialty Center.  Be considerate of our patients and do not park close to the building.
  • Employees will receive a Vendor Bingo card.  If your participate and have vendors sign your card, you will be entered into a drawing to win HarbinSTRONG apparel and great door prizes provided by vendors.
  • HarbinSTRONG apparel will available to purchase.  Cash, credit cards and checks accepted.
  • Have you activated your FREE Vitality Center membership? If not, Vitality Center staff will be available during the Expo to answer questions and help ensure you become an active member.
  • Everyone will be asked to share your wellness resolution for 2013.  It will be empowering to look at our resolutions collectively and to see the commitment within our community to be HarbinSTRONG in 2013.
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