Perfecting Your Stride

Great information from Get Fit on Route 66 about walking:

Walking is a simple, convenient way to get your body moving. There’s no reason to pump your arms wildly or sway your hips to and fro — in fact, a more natural stride is recommended:

  • Stand up straight, keeping your chin up and shoulders back
  • Look ahead about 20 feet — don’t stare at your feet
  • Bend your elbows comfortably (about 90 degrees) and don’t clench your fists
  • Keep your elbows in as your arms move naturally
  • Maintain a smaller stride — bigger steps don’t increase the fitness level, but they do increase risk of injury
  • Start at a slower pace, allowing your muscles to warm up before you pick up the speed
  • After walking, spend a few minutes doing gentle stretches — when muscles are warm, stretching can help prevent soreness.


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