Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Great tips from Get Fit on Route 66 for eating healthfully on a budget

For most families, groceries take the biggest chunk of income after housing and transportation. When you’re shopping with cost in mind, you may be tempted by inexpensive, prepackaged foods. Unfortunately, many of those come with a hefty price… in calories, fat, and sodium. You can eat healthfully on a budget by choosing foods that make good cents:

Stock up. Keep your eye out for sales or coupons on frozen fruits and veggies. It’s also good to have canned goods on hand, but check the sodium content and what the product is stored in (choose pears in natural juice instead of syrup, for example).
Visit the farmer’s market. When you support local farms, you’re doing something beneficial for the community, the environment, your health, and your wallet.
Grow your own. The most economical choice of all is growing your own garden. You’ll get some exercise while tending to it and you’ll enjoy the tasty rewards.
Cut down on meat. To save on cost, serve smaller portions of meat and fill your plate with produce and whole grains instead. Opt for a vegetarian meal a few times a week; it can be as easy and tasty as adding zucchini instead of beef to your marinara sauce.
Plan, plan, plan. Decide ahead on meals for the week and shop from a list. The time and money you’ll save at the grocery store are well worth it.

Grocery shopping on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult or unhealthy. Choose wisely, with nutrition in mind. Read more…

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