Tips for Exercising Without Machines

Get Fit on Route 66 has provided some great tips for exercising without machines…

Though a trip to the gym is a great way to target specific muscle groups and work out with friends, you can get most of the perks without the fancy equipment. Try these easy ways to work out… no membership required!

  • Go for a walk. It’s simple, accessible, and easy to fit in your schedule. Maximize your walk by including an uphill climb on your route. The change in terrain will work your muscles in different ways — much like a treadmill with an incline setting.
  • Ride bikes. Get the most benefit by varying your trails — smooth sidewalk one day and rough trail the next. When you’re on smooth terrain, try biking from a standing position.
  • Climb the stairs. Who needs a stair climber when you have a flight of stairs? You can walk up and down for an aerobic workout. Also, try standing with the balls of your feet on a step (hold on to the railing for support), then slowly lower and raise your heels.

Most gym equipment was designed to replicate and perfect existing exercises. With a bit of creativity, you can get just as good a workout.  Read more…

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