Fuel Session Tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 31) at Noon

HarbinSTRONG Fuel Sessions

HarbinSTRONG Fuel Sessions are an opportunity for employees to learn about a variety of wellness topics.  Expert speakers will provide valuable information tied to the monthly wellness theme.  Fuel Sessions will be held at Noon in the Education Center at the Main Clinic.  Attendees are asked to sign up in advance through the HarbinSTRONG calendar on the intranet.  Bring a sack lunch. 

Tomorrow – Tuesday, January 31

Eating on the Go: Healthy Eating for a Busy Life

Participants will be helped to understand the integration of healthy patterns of eating in a complicated world of preservatives and high calorie foods. Proper food choices will be discussed as will techniques one can use in integrating healthy eating patterns into a busy and hectic lifestyle.

Dr. Azar-Dickens’ first talk earlier this month received rave reviews.  Dr. John Azar-Dickens is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who practices in Rome. He is on the faculty at Berry College and teaches in both the Psychology and Exercise Science departments. His practice specialties are in the area of nutrition and exercise, with a focus on the use of psychological skills in developing healthy lifestyle patterns. In addition to his professional interest in exercise and nutrition, Dr. Azar-Dickens actively engages in triathlons and marathons. He has completed numerous marathons and is a two-time Ironman finisher.


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