This is funny!

Did you know that today is  Global Belly Laugh Day?    

Take a moment today and really let loose with a good, hearty belly laugh! It will do you good! Whether it’s in public, at the office, or in the privacy of your home, laughter is healthy for the body and soul.  

“Laughter helps us cope with challenges and conflict better because it gives us a better perspective. Issues appear to be less overwhelming. Laughter allows us to stand about an issue, acknowledge it, and treat it lightly. We become aware that we are touched by the issue, but not contained in it.”

                                                -Madan Kataria, MD, Founder of Laughter Yoga

 Madan Kataria, MD, started the first laughter club in India in 1995. Through his research, Dr. Kataria discovered that the mind does not know how to differentiate between fake and genuine laughter–either way it produces happy chemistry.

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